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WEB3 Exclusive Membership Club with tons of benefits

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Develop games which allows you to play wtih reward tokens.

Participating the games with MOGC NFT will grant you game tokens.

*Tokens has no monetary value*


We will have two token system in place which only MOGC will have access to. Monaco OG Club NFT is a the only way to have to access to swap from Reward Token to Gaming Token. 

Real World Utilities

Privileged Membership Club
Formula 1 tickets
Luxury car rides
Parties, events
Marketplace available for MOGC Holder

 Real World Luxury Villa

$35m+ worth luxury villa next to Monaco
Rented by celebrities & billionaires
Already secured prior to mint

Meet the Team

What is Calyon Metalab? This is who we are, we are a NFT Powerhouse who are about to tackle the biggest challenges. Eleven Projects in a bear market. Why should you trust us? We have a strong team of founders and investors with over 30+ years of eperiences and over 100 million USD invested. Please take a moment and check Calyon Website!

Monaco OG Club Roadmap


How to be a member of Monaco OG Club?

Just mint and hold an NFT of Ethereum based MOGC collectibles or buy it on Opensea.

Why should I join MOGC?

Being a member of an exclusive and privileged community you enjoy the unique atmosphere of Monaco, such as giveaways, luxury cars rides, Formula 1 tickets, club and event entry tickets, earn passive income from P2E games, and $MOGC tokens backed by luxury properties rental fee.

How to get whitelisted?

Join our Discord, follow our Twitter and Instagram. Invite many people you can and don’t forget to share our vision.

What is NFT and how to mint?

Non-funginble-tokens are the club membership cards of XXI century. ERC-721 tokens on ethereum blockchain, with unlockable contents and built-in royalty system.

You should download Metamask app on your mobile, than in the Metamask app browser open this website (, click on the “Connect” button (you connect your wallet) and click the “mint” button.
Using Google Chrome browser on desktop (PC/laptop), you should download Chrome Metamask extension and open this website in Chrome browser, connect your wallet (click on “Connect” button) and click the “mint” button. In both cases you can import to Metamask your existing wallet or create a new one. Buy Ethereum on Binance or or other exchange, transfer (“withdraw”) to your own private wallet. You should cover  the gas fees during transfers and minting.

Never, never, ever disclose your private address or mnemonic phrase! 

How can I sell my NFT?

You can list your MOGC NFT on Opensea or other secondary market and sell it for ETH. But be aware in that case you lose all the utilities, passive income and giveaways Monaco OG Club provides for their members.

Club Venue

3 Av. des Spélugues, 98000 Monaco